Digital finance one-stop application system

THOR is committed to building a balanced, positive and cyclical blockchain ecosystem

The Current Status of The Global Chip Industry

“Finance” refers to the general term for currency circulation and credit activities and the economic activities associated with them. Finance plays a pivotal role in the market economy and is the central nervous system of the social capital movement. Under the conditions of modern market economy, finance with the content of currency circulation and social credit is more and more occupied in the financing and distribution of social funds. Therefore, as a basic component of the social capital circulation system, finance plays an important mediating role in economic growth and development.

supply chain finance

Supply chain finance is mainly driven by the full amount of business data upstream and downstream of the supply chain for risk assessment. The transparency and fluency of data flow is an important basis for supply chain finance to play its role. In the actual operation of supply chain financial services, there are often data information asymmetry and transaction information forgery problems, in addition to business operation risks.

Securities trading

Because private equity securities registration, equity relationship agreements use paper documents or rely on third-party institutions, private equity securities management costs are high and inefficient.


At present, there are still problems such as misleading consumption, low efficiency of claims, and inability to share industry information in the insurance industry. The insurance industry also has problems such as fraudulent insurance fraud and distrust of insurance, which has become a bottleneck restricting the sustainable development of the insurance industry.


The data is not shared, and the information of the credit bureau and the user is asymmetric. Credit bureaus and credit bureaus, credit bureaus and other institutions lack effective sharing and cooperation. The problem of information islands is serious, and high-quality data circulation and transactions in the credit reporting industry cannot be realized, resulting in asymmetric information between credit bureaus and users.

Securities trading

Because private equity securities registration, equity relationship agreements use paper documents or rely on third-party institutions, private equity securities management costs are high and inefficient.

Payment settlement

As the global integration process continues to accelerate, the scale of cross-border trade continues to increase, and the volume of cross-border payment transactions continues to climb. There are between 10 and 15 billion cross-border payment transactions through banks each year, with a scale of 250,000. The billions of members have reached 30 trillion US dollars, and there are problems such as high intermediate costs, low payment efficiency, high membership threshold, and centralized security risks.

Introduction to THOR


THOR was originally designed to develop the THOR Chain backbone and build a balanced, active, and cyclical blockchain ecosystem based on the backbone. Focusing on the blockchain industry, we are committed to providing digital asset holders with a better blockchain ecosystem. Key features include: asset management, financial services, cross-chain payments, POS revenue, P2P lending, DApp ecological portals, and more. In the future, users only need to use the THOR digital application system to experience all the functions of the blockchain ecosystem, and truly realize the one-stop blockchain ecological application platform.

THOR Chain Digital Application Public Chain

THOR Chain is a public chain for THOR digital application system and

decentralized ecological service. It focuses on multi-chain cross-chain

management and multi-platform application ecological construction. It

is safe, easy to develop, high performance and highly intelligent.

THOR's technical architecture


  • design concept

    THOR mainly serves the financial industry. It adopts the “public chain + cross-chain side chain” architecture to provide the underlying system for the financial system and create a balanced, active and cyclical blockchain ecosystem.

  • Public chain

    As the core of THOR ecosystem, THOR Chain realizes the application and expansion of blockchain resources in terms of scalability and transmission technology, system security, distributed storage, regulatory compatibility and consensus mechanism.

  • Cross-chain protocol and sidechain mapping

    The use of cross-chain protocols and sidechain mapping technology to achieve multi-chain asset interoperability not only supports different digital asset transactions, but also supports non-chain asset chain transactions, realizing the possibility of financial unbounded.