Introduction to THOR



THOR was originally designed to develop the THOR Chain backbone and build a balanced, active, and cyclical blockchain ecosystem based on the backbone. Focusing on the blockchain industry, we are committed to providing digital asset holders with a better blockchain ecosystem. Key features include: asset management, financial services, cross-chain payments, POS revenue, P2P lending, DApp ecological portals, and more. In the future, users only need to use the THOR digital application system to experience all the functions of the blockchain ecosystem, and truly realize the one-stop blockchain ecological application platform.

THOR's vision mission


THOR will plan and integrate free finance, commercial connectivity, consumer capital, application landing and internet freedom. In this process, a decentralized free ecology will be created, and each user can completely get rid of the centralization restrictions. THOR will be built into a balanced, active and cyclical blockchain ecosystem!

  • Free finance

  • commercial connection

  • consumption capital

  • application

Technical Team


THOR team introduction

The THOR team is located in Europe, China, the United States, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. It has rich accumulation in the fields of traditional Internet, financial technology, and blockchain frontier technologies. It is committed to globalization of blockchain and investment in the entire industry chain. Business operations provide protection.

CEO --- Vanislav Malahov

German blockchain expert, Ethereum godfather, graduated from Karlsruhe University of Technology, has more than 20 years of development experience, and has been engaged in blockchain technology research for many years. He believes that the current market chain still has problems and cannot be applied to some parts. The scene, and the blockchain laboratory was established in 2018, and began to develop the THOR Chain main chain.

Management Investment Supervisor --- Suni Harford

Suni Harford worked in Coinbase, the largest blockchain platform in the United States, as the head of data engineering, establishing a risk management system that significantly increased project revenue, reduced risk, and maximized profitability. Currently, he is the head of THOR management investment, mainly responsible for investment management, trading model construction and risk management.

CTO --- Luka Malave

Luka has commanded back-end development experience and is good at Go, Erlang, PHP, Python, SQL and NoSQL databases. She is currently THOR CTO and has previously worked for Microsoft, Dspot and Pi Games.

project manager --- Mateusz Haigh

Luka has experience in back-end development, specializing in Go, Erlang, PHP, Python, SQL, and NoSQL databases. He currently serves as THOR CTO and previously worked for Microsoft, Dspot, and Spil Games.

Head of Research Institute of Block Chain Technolo

Milan has been involved in the development of ZeroPass, a distributed and easy-to-use key management system that has long been involved in blockchain technology research and is currently the head of the THOR blockchain research institute.