• THOR Blockchain Finance Science and Technology All

    THOR Blockchain Finance Science and Technology Alliance is committed to promoting financial innovation based on blockchain technology, promoting the application of blockchain technology in banking, securities, insurance, Internet finance and other financial services, and establishing blockchain financial industry standards. Actively carry out industry self-discipline activities and risk prevention and control, and the joint alliance members work together to reduce the cost of financial services, improve efficiency, and enhance security, and jointly accelerate the development of blockchain finance.

  • THOR Credit Sharing Platform

    THOR will use the blockchain technology to reconstruct the credit information system to directly attack the traditional credit information industry, and jointly establish a credit information sharing platform with a number of authoritative organizations to solve the problem of data transaction sharing and breaking data islands. Help users establish their own data sovereignty and generate their own credit assets. Users are used as data aggregation points to link various enterprises and public departments, and then user data authorization is carried out, thereby realizing the sharing, common, co-construction and public use of credit resources.

Investment Institutions


  • Maven 11

    Maven 11 is a well-known European investment company focused on venture capital related to DLT/blockchain technology. The main members of the team are diverse and consist of entrepreneurs, traditional financial professionals and blockchain experts. The most important thing is that the team members are blockchain believers and firmly believe that blockchain technology will fundamentally change the economic and social structure.

  • CMCC Global

    Founded in 2016, CMCC Global is one of the first venture capital funds in Asia focused on blockchain investments. It currently manages three funds and has offices in Asia and North America. The team has deep technical and business experience. Blockchain technology is emerging as the next era of the Internet, which will facilitate the flow of value, not just the flow of information.

  • Electric Capital

    Electric Capital specializes in blockchain investment, has the most professional traditional investment experience, combined with the rich experience of technology, has a professional technical team to audit the code, successfully incubating multiple blockchain quality projects, Electric Capital is committed to becoming distributed One of the best venture investments in the field of classification technology (DLT).



  • DZ Bank

    DZ BANK AG is the second largest bank in Germany. It is the central institution in the cooperative financial network and serves approx. 900 cooperative banks (and their 11,000 branch offices), each of which is a stakeholder in DZ BANK AG and which together own the majority stake. As “DZ BANK. Die Initiativbank”, it is also active as a corporate bank and is the holding company for the specialised service providers in the DZ BANK Group: Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall (building society), DZ HYP (real estate and public sector financing), DZ PRIVATBANK, R+V Versicherung (insurance company), TeamBank (consumer finance), Union Investment Group (asset management), VR Smart Finanz and various other specialised institutions.


    Prudential is an international financial services group. We help to remove uncertainty from life’s big events, providing our customers with the freedom to face the future with greater confidence.We offer long-term savings and protection products, retirement income solutions and asset management across our markets in Asia, the US, the UK and Africa. We serve around 24 million insurance customers and have £599 billion of assets under management.

  • Schroders

    As a global investment company, Schroders helps institutions, intermediaries and individuals around the world achieve their goals to discover trends that will shape the future. This provides a unique perspective that allows us to always be convinced. We are responsible for providing us with a sustainable return of 421.4 million pounds of assets. It has more than 5,000 employees in six continents.

  • Lonpac Insurance Bhd

    Lonpac Insurance Bhd (Lonpac) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LPI Capital Bhd and was incorporated in Malaysia on July 12, 1994. It began to underwrite the general insurance business after the rationalization plan on May 1, 1999. The company has 21 branches in Malaysia and a foreign branch in Singapore to better serve its customers.